Venture Capital Consulting For High-Growth Businesses

Startups and established companies that seek venture capital and private equity investment need professionally designed materials, financial models, and management support to help them attract, present to, and close deals with their ideal investors.

Our venture capital consultants hail from top-tier investment banks, Big 4 accounting firms, and global consulting firms and specialize in positioning innovative startups for venture capital investment from

  • Angel Investors

  • Venture Capital Funds

  • Venture Debt Funds

  • Family Office

  • Private Equity

What is Venture Capital Consulting?

Venture Capital Consulting firms like Pinewood help startups, corporations, and investors prepare their operations, management teams, products, and financial operations to be pest positioned to raise venture capital at the best possible terms.

Typically, the firms that hire such consulting firms are led by technical founders with little to no experience in advanced financial strategies and business development that is required to raise venture capital from sophisticated investors.

By no means is this a weakness or a disadvantage to the founders, but it is an opportunity to bring on a venture capital consultant to help them raise capital faster, with less stress and disruption to the founders, and at more favorable terms and valuation than they would by doing it on their own.

Venture Capital Consulting Process

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CEO Coaching & Deal Structuring

  • Prepare the CEO for the rigors of raising VC and PE funds

  • Work with legal counsel to craft term sheets and SEC-friendly deal documentation

  • Prepare a list of likely investors with complete contact information

Financial Analysis

  • Accounting clean up and reorganization

  • Financial models, projections, and forecasts

  • Management dashboards & KPIs

  • Waterfall and investors returns analysis

  • Work with attorneys to prepare investor term sheets

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Venture Capital Materials Preparation

  • Prepare investment teaser

  • Prepare business plan, investor pitch deck, and financial model

  • Prepare term sheets in conjunction with legal counsel

Venture Capital Prospecting

  • Prepare list of ideal investors from our database

  • Craft targeted outbound campaigns to generate appointments

  • Prepare management for VC investment

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Due Diligence Support

  • Data room creation and management

  • Investor due diligence support

  • Move a deal swiftly towards a close

  • Post-deal investor relations and reporting

Do You Need a Venture Capital Consultant?

If you feel that you need support in preparing your materials to secure a venture capital deal for your growing company or new startup, book a free consultation.

We will discuss your business model, your needs, and how to best prepare your business to be attractive to investors and to secure the best possible financing deal for you. We look forward to speaking with you.